Cordyceps Rhodiola Rosea Capsule 虫草红景天

Main Ingredients

Radix et Rhizoma Rhodiolae Crenulatae, Cordyceps,  Herba Cistanches, Taurine



Formulation Basis

H&F Cordyceps Rhodiola Rosea Capsules are formulated in reference to traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbology theories and research developments in modern Chinese Medicine and Herbology and food science for the treatment of pathological signs, sports fatigue and other signs and symptoms due to hypoxia. By supplementing the kidney and boost the essence, the metabolism of the damaged tissues and bones is corrected, the physical ability of the body to function in low oxygen environments is improved, the various organs are protected from reperfusion injury and fatigue is reduced after strenuous activity. [1-4]

Medicinal Actions

Tackle fatigue, correct hypoxia, regulate the endocrine system/hormone levels, and delay aging


Cordyceps Supplement the lungs and boost the kidney[1]
Radix et Rhizoma Rhodiolae Crenulatae Supplement the kidney, nourish the heart and quicken the blood[2]
Herba Cistanches Supplement the kidney and boost the essence[4]
Taurine Enhance metabolism, relief fatigue

Clinical Indications

Symptoms due to hypoxia caused by high altitude physical activity: oppression in the chest, headache, nausea, vomiting, etc. Symptoms due to excessive exercise: fatigue, body aches and pain, etc.

Product Comparisons

Cordyceps Rhodiola Rosea Capsule Cordyceps Radix et Rhizoma Rhodiolae Crenulatae Impotence Products
Supplement the qi ++ ++ +
Quicken the blood + +
Supplement the kidney and boost the essence + ++ +

Dosage and Administration

For oral administration, 2 capsules 2 times daily

Warnings and Precautions

Administration of this medicinal product should be stopped upon discovery of any adverse drug reactions or changes in physical appearance of the capsules.

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