100% Premium Red Ginseng 参元胶囊

Main Ingredient
100% 6-year Red Ginseng

Allowed for sale as a Chinese Proprietary Medicine based on information submitted to the Authority. Consumer discretion is advised. 根据向当局提呈的资料允许作为中成药销售。谨慎选用

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H&F 100% Premium Red Ginseng Capsule uses premium 6-year ginseng with modern processing methods, and is rich in ginsenosides Rh2, (S)-Rg3, (R)-Rg3, (R)-Rg2, Rg5, as well as other unique components such as arginyl-fructosyl-glucose (AFG), arginyl-fructose (AF) and maltol, where there are higher contents of reducing sugars and oligosaccharides. H&F 100% Premium Red Ginseng Capsule has qi-supplementing, blood-boosting, lung and spleen-supplementing, heart-strengthening and other medicinal properties. Modern pharmacological studies have shown that red ginseng has anti-tumour, anti-hepatotoxins, anti-fatigue, anti-aging, anti-diabetic and other clinical applications, suitable for use as a
strong adaptogenic tonic health supplement.[1][2]

Medicinal Actions

Greatly tonify the primordial qi, restore pulse, stem depletions and boost qi to contain blood

Anti-aging Rich in ginsenosides, maltol, AGF, red ginseng polysaccharides and other
components which have antioxidant properties to inhibit and remove free
radicals to protect against free radical-induced cellular damage, delay immune
system organ dysfunction, improve immunity, and regulate nervous system to
maintain brain memory and neuron function, display anti-aging effects.[3][4]
Improve blood
Ginsenosides Rg6, F4, Rk3 and Rh4 which inhibit ADP and collagen-induced
platelet aggregation.[5]
Anti-fatigue Supplement qi by eliminating free radicals and increasing SOD activity.[2][6]
Anti-diabetic Promote insulin sensitivity and secretion in diabetic patients, and has
significant effects against diabetic retinopathy, especially effective against
early-stage diabetic retinopathy.[2][8]
Anti-hepatotoxin Ginsenosides 20(S)-Rg2, Rh1, 20(R)-Rg3, etc. which have varying
anti-hepatotoxin effects whereby ginsenosides 20(S)-Rs and Rh1 have more
significant effects.[9]
Anti-tumour 100% Premium Red Ginseng Capsule contains ginsenosides Rg3 and Rh2, as
well as panaxytiol and other compounds which have anti-tumour activity.
Ginsenosides Rg3 and Rh2 inhibits tumour cell proliferation, invasion and
adhesion, as well as prevent the formation of tumour angiogenesis. [7]























Clinical Indications

Suitable for weak and depleting body constitution, cold limbs, weak pulse, qi not containing blood. Common clinical applications include diabetes, stable hypertension, cardiovascular diseases without haemorrhagic diathesis, etc.

Dosage and Administration

For oral administration, 2 capsules 2 times daily, or as per physician’s orders based on the assessment of the patient’s condition

Ginseng Comparisons[2][9]

Ginseng active compounds Unique active compounds in Red Ginseng
Ro, Rb1, Rb2, Rc, Rd, Rf, Rg1, Rg2
20(R)-ginsenoside Rf(2), 20(R)-ginsenoside Rg2, 20(S)-
ginsenoside Rg3, 20(R)-ginsenoside Rh1, ginsenosides
Rh2 Rh4, Rk1, Rk2, Rk3, Rs1, Rs2, Rs4, Rs5, Rs6, Rs7, F2
Essential oils Panaxydiol, panaxytriol
Polysaccharides, amino acids Maltol, arginyl-fructosyl-glucose (AFG), arginyl-fructose (AF)
Dencichine: w/ neurotoxic effects Hydrolysis of dencichine by red ginseng processing,
decreasing dencichine content and reducing ginseng toxicity






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