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Yes, they are safe for consumption. The products mainly consist of concentrated extracts of natural herbal ingredients. Each batch of products complies with the specific limits for heavy metals and microbial content as stipulated by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore.

The functions of the products?

Each product is specifically formulated using herbs guided by the principles of Chinese Medicine. The functions of each herbal combinations are based on the use in Chinese Medicine and the safety standards according to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia and prevailing regulations.

It is generally recommended to take supplements two hours from your regular medication. If you are unsure, please consult your healthcare practitioner and consider starting from smaller doses. Should you experience any discomfort, please stop taking the supplements and refer to your doctor immediately.

This would depend on multiple factors, including the length of current condition and the individual body constitution. For chronic or long-term conditions, it may take some time for the supplements to display some improvements. Different body constitutions can react differently to active components present in supplements, similar to the effects of convention prescription medicine.

Normally please follow the instruction, if you want to shorten your treatment period and take double, please get your professional advice.

Chinese Medicine is formulated based on the therapeutic principles directed by basic Chinese Medicine theory. Each product has its own directions and indications, so please refer to the product information to find the most suitable product for your needs. If you are unsure, you may refer to your registered healthcare practitioner (TCM physician).

Modern research has been conducted over the past 50 years to investigate the efficacy and the principles behind Chinese Medicine. Recent advances have allowed mankind to better understand the chemical components in Chinese Medicine herbs and its clinical uses in a myriad of conditions through biomedical research, chemical analysis and clinical trials.

Herbs in Chinese Medicine have been used over thousands of years and have been the foundation of Chinese Medicine herbal prescriptions. The herbs can used in many diverse ways, including the treatment of acute conditions, recuperation from chronic conditions and the maintenance of a healthy body by harmonising the yin-yang and qi-blood balance while maintaining the functions of the viscera and bowels (Zang Fu, the different systems in the body).

Herbs are combined in a formula directed by Chinese Medicine theory, including the four basic steps of Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment by a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner. The formula targets specific patterns presented by the human body to rebalance the yin-yang harmony. The composition of the formula is determined by the number of herbs involved and the amount used for each individual herb to achieve the following effects: to maximise efficacy targeted at the specific pattern and to reduce side effects of some herbs.

Medicinal herbs in Chinese Medicine are prepared from crude herbs according to the theories of Chinese Medicine and the respective requirements for efficacy, formulation and storage. The purposes of processing Chinese medicinal herbs are to ensure safe herbal medicine use, improve efficacy, and removing impurities and odours.

Chinese Proprietary Medicines (or Chinese Patent Medicines, CPM in short) consist of standardised herbal combinations formulated based on Chinese Medicine principles which are made into pills, tablets, capsules and other pharmaceutical dosage forms. CPMs are convenient and easy to carry, but the patterns and syndromes must fit the specified clinical indications and related symptoms for the CPM formula. TCM prescriptions are provided by a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner according to the practitioner’s medical assessment of the symptoms and diagnosis for every individual.

Concentrated extracts are derived from raw medicinal herbs, with the selection of mainly authentic medicinal herbs. The extraction process depends on the properties of the medicinal herbs, and the resulting intermediary materials later undergo the spray drying and granulation processes to produce granules of particle sizes for use in pharmaceutical dosage forms. The concentrated extracts of medicinal herbs retain the medicinal properties of the herbs to ensure efficacy, while converting the herbs into convenient dosage forms for easy consumption.

TCM physicians prescribe Chinese Medicine herbs in combinations, with sometimes using only 1 herb. Medicinal herbs are combined to maximise efficacy for individuals based on their current conditions, using the principles of Chinese Medicine. This is achieved by the reasonable synergistic effects of the different herbs to adjust the efficacy, toxicity and side effects of the formula so that it corresponds with the pattern identification and treatment.

Please follow any precautions as stated on the product label. In general, Chinese Proprietary Medicine and Health Supplement products in Singapore are subjected to compliance to the safety quality standards as stipulated by HSA. Please do not hesitate to approach your registered healthcare practitioner if you feel unwell after consumption.

TCM prescriptions are usually in decoction form and generally taken when warm or taken with warm water for pill and capsule forms. Instructions on when to take can vary depending on the medicinal functions of the herbs and the combined formula, like taking with an empty stomach for tonifying herbs, taking after meals for herbs which irritate the gastrointestinal tract, and taking before sleep for mind-calming herbs.


The decoction is the most commonly used Chinese Medicine dosage form which has the advantages of fast absorption by the body and flexibility to adjust the formula according to the patient’s conditions. However, decoctions take a long preparation time due to the brewing process, and the taste or smell can hinder the consumption especially for decoctions with bitter herbs consisting of the majority.